VW Amarok 2016 Facelift, TDI

The upcoming model of the Volkswagen will be the VW Amarok 2016. The car will get a fresh look with new exterior and stylish interior. The car will also borrow some of the features from the predecessors but the designers are working hard to make this auto a unique vehicle. The car will be made by keeping in mind the markets of America so it will contain all those elements which will make it a strong competitor for the other automobiles.

The first look of the Amarok was revealed back in 2005 and since then it has experienced many facelift.

VW Amarok 2016 front

VW Amarok 2016 – Exterior and Interior

As the car is intended for the customers of the United States so it will get a redesigned metal body with latest features. There will be xenon front lights in the Amarok which is a unique feature of this car. The latest LED technology will be a part of the day time running lights and the tail lights. The car will also get a new bumper which will give a refreshed look. There will be new aluminum wheels of 22 inches and a new front grille with the finishing of chrome accent. A freight lid for the purpose of pay load protection will also be present at the back end made up of thick plastic.

The inside of the VW Amarok 2016 will be more comfortable and luxurious than the previous versions. There will be a complete covering of leather on the seats which will be equipped with the automatic warming system to add the comfort. The car will have the capacity to accommodate five passengers in it without any problem. The back seats will be slightly raised than front seats so it will look like a movie theater.  New technology and latest tools will be a part of this new arrival. There will be LCD of six inches in the center, parking sensors and start stop systems in the vehicle. Other features include power home windows, multi function steering wheel, back mirrors, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, audio system and much more which will surely attract a lot of customers. The security of the passengers will be maintained with the air bags, ABS system and grip control functions.

VW Amarok 2016 interior

VW Amarok 2016 – Engine Specs

The new VW Amarok 2016 will get twin engines for a comfortable and powerful drive. The vehicle will get an electric motor paired with TDI engine 2.0 liters which will generate a horse power of around 180. The electric motor will be attached with either an automatic transmission of six speed or eight speed. Another variant V8 4.2 liter will be present which will deliver 410 horse powers. Both of these engines will give an all wheel drive configuration.

VW Amarok 2016 rear

VW Amarok 2016 – Price and Release Date

It is expected that the new VW Amarok 2016 will be available in the markets in early 2016. The price of the car is not confirmed yet but it will be expensive than the previous models.

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