Toyota Hilux 2016 Price, Engine Specs

Toyota motors are going to release car under its eight generation cars which will be the new Toyota Hilux 2016. The car will get a completely new makeover from its previous models. There will be a lot of new additions and redesign in the existing features. It will be one of the best picks up cars Toyota has ever produced. It will have creative and classy outlook. The makers are trying their best to overcome all the flaws of previous models.

Toyota Hilux 2016 front

Toyota Hilux 2016 – Features and Specifications:

The car will introduce a lot of new features in its exterior and interior. The new Toyota Hilux 2016 will present a classy and trendy car along with a touch of sophistication. The exterior will get many changes with the addition of some new design. There will be restyling of some existing features of the previous model. There will be new trims, curves along with softer lines all over the car. The car will get a redesigned hood and bumper. The new Toyota Hilux 2016 will have new midsection and fenders with a curved shape. The front fascia of the new Hilux will have chrome stripped grille along with a small trapezoidal shaped lower air intake in it. Headlights will be laid back and will be given a modern shape along with redesigned taillights. Both headlights and taillights will be facilitated with the latest LED technology. The car will also come with fog lights facility which will help in the better vision at night time. The fog lights will be placed in angular inlets. The new Toyota Hilux will be available in different cab configurations which include a single cab, dual cab and space cab. The car will be available in different and unique colors.

Toyota Hilux 2016 rear

The interior of the car will feature luxurious and stylish items and accessories. The inner cabin of the car will be bigger than its previous model. The seats will be designed in such a way that it will accommodate five persons easily at a time. There will be enough room given for head roof and legs between seats. The car will also come with enough space to carry cargo with it. The seats will have premium quality black leather seat covers which will add to the beauty of the car. The dashboard will be redesigned with the best quality material. The car will come with all the latest facilities like Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, back camera, audio and stereo system, latest speakers and latest touch screen LCD. The car will also be facilitated with most recent security features like tracker system, latest security locks, air bags and theft alarm.

Toyota Hilux 2016 interior

2016 Toyota Hilux – Engine Specs:

The Toyota Hilux 2016 will come with a strong engine. The car will have 2.7 liters with 4 engines with a capacity to produce 164 horsepower and 188 pounds of torque. The car will have 6-speed automatic transmissions.

Toyota Hilux 2016 – Price And Release Date:

The expected price of the car will start from $18,000. The car will be released in the USA by the end of 2015.

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