Tesla Pickup Truck Review, Price

Everyone is glad to know that the subcompacts are back in business. We are talking about the Tesla Pickup Truck. It is going to be lighter and efficient than before.

Tesla Pickup Truck front

Tesla Pickup Truck – Design and Concept

Elon Musk, the CEO reveals that they have plants of making truck in the coming 5 years. It is going to be an EV truck and this idea seemed to be a bit jarring but it is not bad after all. The model S was built to prove the whole world that gas engine is not necessary for building a machine that is ultimate in performance. Now, the plans are on using electric motor into the car/truck. This shows the desire of entering the pickup segment.

There is no significant detail available about the Tesla Pickup Truck. We are unaware of the features, mechanical changes, bodywork and even engine. It is said that this truck will not be available for commercial use, it will be kept for fleet sales particularly for the courier companies.

It has been a long time since trucks have captured the attention of the consumers. If the truck is combined with large torque and it comes with an electric drive train having lower revolutions per minute, it will surely excite the fans. Such a truck would save the fuel expenses too.

There is one problem, when you tow an 8,000 pounds trailer, there is very limited range for electric trucks. There are possibilities that the automakers might place large battery in the truck. Although it might not be enough for replacing the gasoline powered trucks, but it is still going to be sufficient for people with the compromised range.

The big question is what’s going to be the styling for the truck? Automakers like RAM, Chevy and Ford do not focus much on styling because fans like those tough, boxy styled trucks having gargantuan grilles and a solid image. The existing cars from Tesla are heavy on the curves so it is going to be interesting indeed to see what the automakers choose for its new truck. No official news is available about the styling or the design.

tesla pickup truck interior

Tesla Pickup Truck – Engine Updates

Although none of the information is official, from rumors, it has been gathered that the powertrain of Tesla Pickup Truck might be a combination of the following features:

  • V8 engine that is capable of producing 400 horsepower and torque of 380 pound feet
  • Extended plus 4 door cab offerings
  • Cargo bed size of 5.5 feet
  • 10,000 pounds towing capacity
  • The payload capacity up to 3000 pounds
  • 4×4 capability

Tesla Pickup Truck rear

Tesla Pickup Truck – Price and Release Date

Right now, Tesla has its model X to launch. It is the new and affordable sedan. It is said that Tesla Pickup Truck isn’t going to be available soon. The company says they will take at least 5 years to come up with this master piece. Similarly, there are no updates about the price because nothing is official about the features and specs of the truck. One thing is for sure, it is certainly not going to be affordable because it is one of a kind.

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