Renault Alaskan Concept

The Renault has not wasted even a bit of its time in upgrading itself with its new concept and directly entering the market for pickup trucks. Its latest innovation, the Renault Alaskan Concept will soon be witnessed by the entire world during the first half of this year. This beautifully designed truck concept is surely going to be the best of Renault’s and is going to create a rave behind the steering wheels.

Renault Alaskan Concept front

Renault Alaskan Concept – Improvements:

On perceiving this Renault Alaskan Concept car from all the angles it is evident that the concept is still under the shades. However, since it is a really well thought and researched concept there will not be many changes required when the car will actually be in its production stage. The cab crew looks imminent and the bed length has not yet shared by the group. However, whether they will offer the 2 door variation is still a speculation so far. A little bit of a time is needed for the car to be officially released. It is predicted that the actual model which goes into the production will be quite conservative and it is assumed that the interiors will be highly inspired from American concepts. The list of technical specifications of the Renault Alaskan Concept car must include an automatic system of climate control, front seats with heating facilities, a touch-based infotainment system, and a highly advanced safety system. For example; the Renault Alaskan Concept car is supposed to have safety measures like the hill start assistant and the rear view camera model.

Renault Alaskan Concept interior

Renault Alaskan Concept – Engine Options:

Information about the upcoming Alaskan Concept car is scarce. So far, what has been speculated is that will have a 2.3-liter twin turbo diesel running engine with a 4 cylinder body having 163 hp and a torque of 300 lb-ft. The second engine will be 1,6 liter Twin Turbo dCi with 190 hp. Consumers will be offered two configurations. A two or a four-wheeler drive train styled configuration. The new Alaskan car will have both, an automatic unit and a 6-speed manual unit.  The safety products may include airbags, seat belts, parking sensors, cruise control and adaptive control features.

Renault Alaskan Concept rear view

Renault Alaskan Concept – Expected Price and Competition:

As compared to its close competitors, Renault cars are priced little on the higher side. And the same will be maintained by the company for the latest Renault Alaskan truck to be launched. The expected launch price of the car is supposed to be $ 30,000, although it is just a prediction. The Renault Alaskan Concept car is expected to be launched in the year 2016 and claims to be a unique make in the crowd of pickup trucks. 


In Europe, Renault has considered one of the best light weighed commercial vehicles. For creating a strong stand in the global automobile market, the Renault Alaskan is devised. How successful this French innovation will be is still under speculations. Especially when Renault’s direct competitors being the Nissan Navara and the Toyota Hilux. However, the world is eagerly awaiting this new Alaskan launch.

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