Ford VelociRaptor Price, Specs

The F-Series of the Ford pickup trucks have been sold with a regular pace since the first model was introduced. This is one of the most famous and admirable range of trucks Ford has ever produced. F-Series truck have been the best-selling trucks in the entire United States since a very long time. The trucks came with new designs, styles and engine specs and were all the best for their era. Ford VelociRaptor is one of the very best F-Series truck which is also known as F-150. F-150 is the most popular trucks Ford has produced. The new model will be coming soon in the near future. It will be better in shape and performance.

The upcoming model of VelociRaptor will be better than all of the pickup trucks ever made. It will be one of the most badass trucks one can ever witness. This will be something worth waiting for.

Ford VelociRaptor front

Ford VelociRaptor – Redesign Exterior and Interior

The looks and designs of the new truck will definitely be something you don’t want to miss even if you don’t want to buy it. This will be one of the fierce and aggressive trucks produced by Ford. The outlook of the truck is incredible. This is a great job done by the company. The front fascia will be redesigned having new shapes and styles. The grill will be the main thing that will be remodeled to give the truck a new look. The Ford logo will be present in big block letters right on the front grille. This is something new Ford has done.

Other than this, the headlights will also be having a fierce look which will change the whole look of the truck. LED technology will be used for the headlights. Back of the Ford VelociRaptor will be redesigned as well. New shape of the tail lights and the modified carriage will make an interesting impression. Chrome detailing will be seen slight around the exterior.

Inside the cabin of the Ford VelociRaptor, there will be new technology installed. You just need to enter the cabin and you will feel like a freaking spaceship. The whole look of the interior is simply amazing. Blue neon lights will be seen when the truck is ignited. The upholstery is made from the finest materials. There will be more leg room for the passengers to sit. A new touch-screen display will also be seen right in the middle of the center console. Security arrangements will be accommodated inside for any accidents. Apart from this, all the basic VelociRaptor features will be there.

Ford VelociRaptor interior

Ford VelociRaptor – Engine Specs

Two powerful engines will be coming along the Raptor. A twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost 3.5-liter engine will be available producing more than 411 horsepower along with 434 ft-lb torque. Another V8 6.2-liter engine will also be present in the Ford VelociRaptor. Both engines will get served with 10-speed automatic transmission.

Ford VelociRaptor rear

Ford VelociRaptor – Price and Release Date

The company has not yet confirmed anything about the release date. It is expected that the Ford VelociRaptor will be costing around $50,000 for the base model.

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