2017 Ford Ranger Redesign, Body Appearance

Ford is famous for its incredible sedans and resistant pickup trucks. When it comes to Ford, everybody assumes and expects nothing but perfection from them. On all levels, the Ford vehicles tend to amaze the fans. Ford Ranger is one of the very best pickup trucks the company has ever come up with after the F-Series. The first model of the pickup truck was introduced in 1965. It started to be sold in North and South America even more than before.

Due to the fame, Ford came up with the second generation truck too. Now the company has confirmed to launch the next generation model in the markets. Ranger’s new model will be out soon. The 2017 Ford Ranger will be redesigned from the front and the back. The standard features will also be there but the truck will be renewed to some extent in order to create a refreshed look. If you are looking for a genuine quality heavy duty truck then Ranger is your thing.

2017 Ford Ranger front view

2017 Ford Ranger – Body Appearance:

The new model will be having some very swanky features coming along with it. The overall design of the pickup truck has been made very stylish and it will possess a lot of dimensions along with it. The front fascia of the truck is going to be redesigned which will give the truck a new look.

The 2017 Ford Ranger will be better and different than before. The grille will be shaped rectangular with inverted edges. The head lights will be having a revised shape accompanying fog lights as well. LED technology will be coming along in the head lights. When it comes to the rear of the truck, the tail lights have got a revised look as well with LED technology.The carriage will be a bit wider than before. It will be having the option of 18-inch alloy wheels. The truck will be available in a wide range of color schemes: Aluminum Metallic, Cool White, Pride Orange, Black Mica and Metropolitan Gray.

The 2017 Ford Ranger will be very interesting and amazing to see from the inside. It has been made comfortable for its passengers. Almost five passengers can be housed inside the cabin of the super-duper truck. There will be a rear camera installed up inside the cabin. Steering wheel will be telescoping along with all the other standard features every Ford truck has got. The seats will be made comfortable for the passengers. It will be having an extensive list of advanced features installed up inside the cabin.

2017 Ford Ranger interior

2017 Ford Ranger – Power Changes:

Under the hood of the super-duper truck, there will be two engine options available for the customers. The first one will be a five-cylinder TDCi 3.2-liter turbodiesel engine producing 197 horsepower and 347 ft-lb torque. Another four-cylinder TDCi 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine will be also present under the hood of the 2017 Ford Ranger with the ability to produce an output of 158 horsepower and 284 ft-lb torque.

2017 Ford Ranger side view

2017 Ford Ranger – Possible Arrival Date and Price:

The 2017 Ford Ranger will be out on the roads in the start of 2017. The price charged by the makers for the base model will be $30,000 and more with every trim level.

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