2017 Dodge Rampage Redesign

The 2017 Dodge Rampage used to be a uni body, sub-compact coupe manufactured by the L platform of Chrysler. The first model of Rampage was introduced in 1982. This model lasted till 1984. After a very long time, the coupe concept was discarded and a new pickup truck emerged. The new truck took everyone’s breath away. People could, for a while, not believe their eyes and digest the fact that the company has turned the sub-compact coupe into a pickup truck. When the new concept of Dodge Rampage sank in then the vehicle became one of the best-selling trucks of all-time.

2017 Dodge Rampage front view

There is good news for the fans that Dodge is going to release a new Rampage model in the near future. It will be a 2017 Dodge Rampage with brand new features coming along with it. The exterior and the interior both will be having new designs and upgrades to make the overall appearance of the truck impressive. A lot will be seen changed when it comes to the exterior. The redesigned exterior changes the whole look of the pickup truck. The front fascia will be revamped to make the truck impressive. The grille of the truck will not be having any chrome detailing rather it will have black bars and the Ram logo on top of it. The air vents present on the front bumper will be small. The hood of the truck will also be having new dimensions to it. Head lights will be having LED technology with new designs as well. Fog lights will also be coming along on the front fascia.

The rear of the 2017 Dodge Rampage will have new tail lights. The tail lights will also be having LED technology with them. The exhaust pipes will be coming out from below the rear bumper. The bumpers will also be carrying changes. Carriage will possess slight difference in size than its former model.

Inside the cabin of the 2017 Dodge Rampage,there will be changes seen in the upholstery and tech equipment as well. The combination of black and red will be used inside to refresh the look of the cabin of the pickup truck. The steering wheel will also have a contrast of silver and red. The seats at the back will have more legroom than before for the passengers. The truck can house in five passengers easily. The dashboard will also be seen equipped with new gadgets and technology. A new touch-screen display with an upgraded infotainment and navigation system will be available.

2017 Dodge Rampage interior

2017 Dodge Rampage – Powertrain

Under the hood of the 2017 Dodge Rampage, there will be two engines coming along to magnify the truck. A turbo-charged 1.4-liter engine will be present as the base engine. Another engine coming along the Rampage pickup truck will be the four-cylinder 2.4-liter engine. Both the engines will be having a six-speed manual and nine-speed automatic transmission.

2017 Dodge Rampage side view

2017 Dodge Rampage – Price and Release

The 2017 Dodge Rampage will be released in early 2017. The price charged by the makers will be starting from $21,000 and more according to the specs.

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