2017 Chevy El Camino Specs, Price

The 2017 Chevy El Camino is heard to be ready to make a re-entry to amuse its users in every sense and manner. This famous pickup truck is expected to feature several improvements to compete well and strongly with its rivals. These changes will be seen in the visuals that start from the body of the car and extend up till under the hood. The company has decided to get in to the line of recent truck models and is all set to make the gamble with introduction of 2017 Chevy El Camino. Indeed 2017 Chevy El Camino is an improved comeback model.

2017 Chevy El Camino front

2017 Chevy El Camino – Exterior and Interior

The 2017 Chevy El Camino will be offered with an additional SS trim level and it is higher than its base variant. This will be featuring a redesigned front grille, slight modifications to rear as well as front bumpers and superior air intakes. The luxury truck is well equipped with aggressive and attractive styling system in order to impress and attract the modern users particularly the young crowd. The company has also committed to offer the attractive trim levels with names Royal Knight, Super Spot and last but not the least Black Knight. The vehicle will have all new alloy wheels looking gorgeous in motion.
Various other improvements are expected to be on the way with the Chevy El Camino. This includes the more cabin space offering comfortable leg and head placement, Leather seats with heat control and air conditioning system that is automatic. Various infotainment and safety features are also offered with 2017 Chevy El Camino including the touch-screen center console, Cruise Control, superb audio system, safety air bags for the passengers and navigation system.

2017 Chevy El Camino interior

2017 Chevy El Camino – Engine and Performance

The El Camino has a rich history in the market. Its first model was produced in 1959 but failed to receive the response that the company expected of it. Therefore early years were a kind of demise. The first re-entry of the El Camino took place in 1987. It received greater appreciation as compared to what it did earlier. Significant differences were seen to be there between the two generations. The engine of second generation had offered engine producing 120 horsepower along with the improvements in its interior and exterior designs.

The concept of Chevy El Camino has been offered with two types of engine. One is 6.0-liter V8 engine that is for the base variant.  This engine is expected to produce maximum power of 360 horsepower. Other engine option is 3.2-liter V6 engine. Nothing is so far known about the fuel consumption of the vehicle. It is expected that company will reveal the stats about it in near future.

2017 Chevy El Camino side view

2017 Chevy El Camino – Price and Release Date

Price of the Chevy El Camino has been kept a mystery so far by the company. It is expected to hit the market with a price tag of around $ 20,000. It is expected to be in the market somewhere during the mid of year 2016.

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