2016 Mitsubishi Triton Specs, Price

The 2016 Mitsubishi Triton is the model that needed to get an outgoing improvement. It is known to be a vehicle that has shown advancements at a rapid pace that has not been offered by any other vehicle of this segment. Rather than offering an overall new design to the vehicle, the company has added certain new features to the existing platform. It is because this platform has proven its durability and reliability since for more than a decade.

2016 Mitsubishi Triton front view

2016 Mitsubishi Triton – Exterior and Interior Design

The question now is if the competition had moved far ahead or not. The Volkswagen Amarok is called a refined benchmark and one of the best 4WD cabs on the road. If we talk about a proper workhorse, then the 2016 Ford Ranger is one of the closest rivals and smart choice in order to use 4WD dual cab. Last but not the least is one of the top-selling vehicles i.e. Toyota Hilux whether it is considered to be the best or not. All this means that Triton, both the previous outgoing model, and the new Mitsubishi Triton, have come up with broader workhouse audience. The company has claimed that the new Mitsubishi Triton is better than ever. One of the improvements that was required to be made and was evident immediately was the seating position of the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton. Earlier it was said to be awful. All thanks to the engineers of the company that they have offered up to the mark revised redesigned seats and mounting position of the seating.

In short the company is expected to offer highly reliable and durable vehicles. Same goes true for the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton. All the users will be amused with each and every feature offered in this new model of Triton.

2016 Mitsubishi Triton interior

2016 Mitsubishi Triton – Engine and Transmission

As compared to the previous model, the new Mitsubishi Triton is equipped with five-speed automatic and there is no any torque deficit in this model of vehicle. The transmission has been seen to get difficulty in complementing the extra torque and offers enhanced fuel economy values. Though styling attracts but the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton is neither attractive nor an ugly cab on the market. It has visible style lines as well as swooping curves but then again it is not as dramatic as Mazda BT-50.The company clearly tells us that styling of vehicle is not just about the visual designer either. The swoop lines facilitate the aerodynamics efficiency with 20 mm leg room measurement in every sense and manner. The steering wheel of the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton is adjustable to be tilted and well adorned with the topping Exceed having the paddles shifter. There is no right now information about engine. Please stay with our blog for more upcoming information.

2016 Mitsubishi Triton air view


2016 Mitsubishi Triton – Price and Release Date

Price of the new model Mitsubishi Triton is expected to be, $ 26,000 to $ 49,000. It is expected to be released by the end of 2015.

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