2016 Isuzu D-Max Review

Isuzu is one of the popular automobile manufacturers that has produced some very functional and powerful trucks of all-time. Its pickup trucks are best known for their performance, fuel economy and not to forget the looks. Almost every vehicle is a must-watch when it comes to Isuzu. The company has confirmed the release of a new pickup truck in the collection of the Isuzu pickup trucks.

It will be a 2016 Isuzu D-Max which will be coming with new designs and dimensions. It will be better in performance than the former D-Max models.

2016 Isuzu D-Max front view

2016 Isuzu D-Max – Exterior and Interior Design

You will see prominent changes around the exterior. The cabin will also be having advanced technology in it. Apart from this, the major thing that will be upgraded will be the engine coming along the truck. It will be providing a better fuel economy for the users and quality performance. The pickup truck will be coming out soon in the markets.

Isuzu is one of the leading automakers of the modern world. They have figured it out well how to impress with their abilities reflecting from the exterior of their manufactured automobiles. 2016 Isuzu D-Max is one of the pickup trucks which will be new and improved. No official detail about the truck has been revealed but we can surely look up to some noticeable changes there in the images. A redesigned grille can be seen with the Isuzu logo on top of it. Along with the new grille on the front fascia, there will be remodeled head lights. The daytime running head lights will possess the LED technology in them.Coming to the rear of the pickup truck, you can see new tail lights as well. The tail lights will also have LED technology as expected. Chrome detailing will be seen around the exterior of the pickup truck. Side roof spoilers will also be there. The carriage will be slightly distinct in size than the previous model, probably.

The environment of the truck’s cabin will be dark in shade like always. The upholstery will be comfortable for the passengers. The seats will be easy to reside on too. Speaking of the passengers here, the 2016 Isuzu D-Max will be able to house in five passengers easily. Advanced tech will be installed inside the cabin. It is heard a new display infotainment system will be coming along. Chrome detailing will also be seen inside the cabin. More leg room will be provided to the passengers. Apart from this, the truck will be having all the standard features it used to have.

2016 Isuzu D-Max interior

2016 Isuzu D-Max – Engine and Performance

The engine coming with the 2016 Isuzu D-Max will be powerful than ever. A twin turbo engine will be available which will be 2.5-liter. The model will be having a better fuel economy; 13.1 km on each liter. Lesser amount of carbon dioxide will be evolved to keep the environment healthy.

2016 Isuzu D-Max side view

2016 Isuzu D-Max – Release Date and Price

The 2016 Isuzu D-Max will be coming out in the market in late 2016 or in early 2017. It will be costing around $35,000 to $45,000 for the base model.

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