2016 Ford Super Chief Price, Release Date

The Ford Super Chief was revealed in the market in 2006 and at that time it was based on the concept of F-250 truck. Now that the 2015 model is available with the concept of Ford F-150 Atlas, many questions have raised about this truck. And the biggest news of all is that the 2016 Ford Super Chief is in its production phase.

2016 Ford Super Chief front

2016 Ford Super Chief – Design

2016 Ford Super Chief is going to be made from aluminum. It will be a combination of F-20 and F-150. Both these trucks have design similarities so we wonder what Super Chief will be all about. The truck has a striking front fascia just like that of Santa Fe Railway Locomotive. Most of the design features are from Ford F-150 Atlas. The new features to be seen in the car include new operating system, design and tech features.

It is going to be composed of new technological and designs improvements. For improving the performance of the truck, automakers have provided the Tri-Flex Fuel system. The best materials have been used and new features have been added for redesigning this car. The automakers are planning to use the most efficient system for the engine and they have to keep on playing their role in preserving the green environment. The vehicle has 0% gas emissions and Ford is proud of this. The interior includes brown upholstery and the floor is made of wood. It is in short quite elegant.

2016 Ford Super Chief rear

2016 Ford Super Chief – Engine Specs

2016 Ford Super Chief is going to be offered in 3 fuel types i.e. gasoline, hydrogen and E85 Ethanol. The same concept is going to be used for the engine. The SOHC v10 engine paired with 6.8 liters. It is capable of producing 550 horsepower and torque of 400 pound feet.  With the hydrogen fuel, the fuel efficiency of the car has been improved by 12 percent. The top speed of the engine is 180 mph. The engine has 3 separate tanks and the larger one has the ratio of 300 kg. That’s why this truck is going to be the car of the future. There is no official information about the gearbox or the configuration yet. One thing for sure, the engine makes the truck even more likeable.

It will be the same prestigious truck we all know about. It is a combination of wood, glass and aluminum. The features upgrade it has received has made it among the most mesmerizing trucks of all.

2016 Ford Super Chief engine

2016 Ford Super Chief – Price and Release Date:

The price of the base version starts from $60,000. On average, it is considered that Ford is likely to increase $5000 more for the price of the truck for base models. On the other hand, if the higher trim are chosen, then a boost of $10,000 is expected. There is no particular information about the release date. Rumors say that it will be available for sale in the beginning of 2015. That means, the automakers will make announcement about the release date real soon.

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