2017 Great Wall Steed Review, Price

2017 Great Wall Steed

The Chinese auto-moto trade seriously are aiming to eventually become a heavy contender to much more renowned and winning corporations. One amongst the foremost renowned auto-moto corporations within the most thickly settled country on the globe is that the great wall Motors.

Fiat Fullback Review

Fiat Fullback front

The Fiat is joining the pickup truck market with a big surprise. The Italian automobile manufacturer has been absent from this market since its establishment. The surprise here is its upcoming car, Fiat Fullback. The mid-size pickup truck is expected to intensify competition in this market.

2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro front

The Toyota took the 2016 Chicago Auto Show by storm with its new off-road vehicle. Other pickup manufacturers are in the problem because 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is coming to dominate this segment and limit sales of their trucks. The Japanese automobile manufacturer has described the car as the one capable of tackling rugged paths, snow-covered terrain, and extreme weather conditions.

2017 Ford F150 Diesel Review, Price

2017 Ford F150 Diesel

The 2017 Ford F150 Diesel is a truck by the Ford Automobile manufacturer and provides a passengers and cargo space than ever before. Even though the current model is successful, the improvements and the updates that the 2017 model has received are tremendous, and this will undoubtedly boost the sale of the truck but also at the same time enable the vehicle to compete perfectly with other competitors of its class in the market.

Kia Pickup Truck Concept

Kia Pickup Truck Concept Front

It’s confirmed news from Kia that they are working on a new Kia Pickup Truck Concept. So, if you are anticipating a pickup vehicle for your business, then you can look for the latest offering from Kia. It is somewhat similar to Kia Mojave (in other words, Kia KCV-4), the mid-sized concept car which was showcased at Chicago Auto Show 2004. Pictures of what a Pickup truck might look like have been released by the South Korean auto manufacturer.  This is going to the company’s first pickup creation and only the concept has been confirmed.

2018 Nissan Frontier Compact Pickup Truck

2018 Nissan Frontie

Over the years, the Frontier has become quite a comparable compact pickup truck. For automotive consumers that are looking for versatility, comfort and quality, this vehicle has frown to be the optimal choice. Traditionally, the Frontier has been able to remain competitive within its segment due, in part, to its numerous options. According to early rumors and conjecture, the 2018 Nissan Frontier is set to not only continue the standard, but also extend it. Even with that being said, it is not expected to be a variant of significant amount of upgrades as compared to the models offered for 2016 and 2017. Additionally, there are insiders close to the automaker that indicate that the cabin will see the largest offering of changes.

Renault Alaskan Concept

Renault Alaskan Concept front

The Renault has not wasted even a bit of its time in upgrading itself with its new concept and directly entering the market for pickup trucks. Its latest innovation, the Renault Alaskan Concept will soon be witnessed by the entire world during the first half of this year. This beautifully designed truck concept is surely going to be the best of Renault’s and is going to create a rave behind the steering wheels.